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Re-Entry Court

The Rise and Recover Re-entry Court Program is a cooperative effort between the Court, Probation, Federal Public Defender, and U. S. Attorney, the Eastern District of Louisiana is committed to providing reentry court programming for individuals under supervision. The Rise & Recover Re-entry Court Program (Rise & Recover) offers a creative blend of treatment services and sanction alternatives to effectively address offender behavior, rehabilitation, and the safety of our community. Rise & Recover requires participants to undergo a 14-month long program, navigating through four phases, all for the purpose of lowering risk while addressing specific criminogenic needs. Rise & Recover differs from general supervision, as it involves increased contact with both the Court and Probation Officer. Local treatment providers also assist in offender development and remain active throughout debriefings and re-entry court sessions.


Workforce Development

The U. S. Probation Office, through Second Chance Act funding has placed students in the pre-apprenticeship program with the Carpenters Union.  This 12 week program trains students and prepares them for work in carpentry and many facets of the construction field.  11 students graduated from the first class in 2015.  Currently 6 students are in the program.  Several spots are still available.  If you are interested in this program, please contact your probation officer as soon as possible.


The U. S. Probation Office also placed 8 students in the Class B training program with Coastal Truck Driving School.  All 8 students attended and passed their test and are currently now in the last phase of the program which is job placement.  The probation office hopes to sponsor students annually.  If interested, please inquire with your probation officer.



Daniel B Ryan Award