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Presentence Forms

When instructed by your probation officer, download the Main Presentence Information Form, the Net Worth Statement, and the Cash Flow Statement and fill them out to the best of your ability. When you arrive at the probation office for your presentence report interview, your probation officer will go over these documents with you to make sure all the information is complete. We also request that you provide as much verification information as possible. Usually verification information includes documents such as your pay stubs, billing statements, tax documents, and bank statements. Download the Main Presentence Checklist, Net Worth Checklist, and Cash Flow Checklist for a list of the documents your probation officer will need to complete your report. If you are self-employed, you will also need to provide the information from the Self-Employment Checklist. While some of the items on the checklists may not apply to your situation, please provide as many of the verification documents on the checklist that you can. Feel free to contact your probation officer or attorney if you have any questions about these materials or the documents the probation officer will need to complete your report.


Main Presentence Information Form                                   PROB-0001
Main Presentence Checklist                                               PROB-0015
Net Worth Statement                                                        PROB-0048
Net Worth Documents Checklist                                       PROB-0048A
(this explains documents needed to verify information in Form 48 - Net Worth Statement)
Monthly Cash Flow Statement                                           PROB-0048B
Monthly Cash Flow Checklist                                            PROB-0048C
(this explains documents needed to verify information in Form 48B - Monthly Cash Flow)
Self-Employment Checklist                                              PROB-0048F